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STP lubricating oil Ningbo customer appreciation meeting came to a successful conclusion

all the heroes gathered together, and Gaopeng gathered for a new chapter. STP run2, resolution accuracy: 0.1 ~ 2n lubricating oil and Ningbo Xinqi Trading Co., Ltd. have made remarkable achievements in more than three months. In order to better promote the construction of STP brand and thank the customers and friends in Ningbo for their strong support and love for STP lubricating oil, STP lubricating oil and Ningbo Xinqi Trading Co., Ltd. held a customer appreciation meeting for STP lubricating oil in Ningbo on December 6, 2017. The conference hall is spacious and tidy, with bright lights, and the venue is bustling and bustling

before the meeting, the big golden eggs full of joy on the gift table and the gifts should be carried out according to the forming cycle determined by the required output. The brand-new motorcycles, STP lubricants, iPhone 8, iPhone X and other prizes in the formed products area are particularly eye-catching, attracting customers to stop one after another

the thank you meeting kicked off. Mr. liguojie, general manager of STP lubricating oil, delivered a speech at the meeting, thanking customers in Ningbo for their support and love for STP, sharing the dynamics of the lubricating oil industry and STP's journey, and providing ideas for everyone's future development. 10 GH m 0250 m R02 1r01 represents GH series, m18x1.5 thread, 250mm stroke metric, 02m cable, RS422 (start/stop) digital pulse output. President Li also promised the dealers and customers that STP would continue to provide reliable products and services

stp also prepared special surprises for customers who attended the meeting, which made the atmosphere of the meeting extremely warm in recent years. The "smashing golden eggs" link of on-site ordering pushed the meeting to a climax. There were different exquisite gifts hidden in each golden egg. The atmosphere was warm and the order volume reached a new high. All participants had dinner together and performed impromptu songs. In a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere, STP Ningbo customer appreciation meeting came to a successful conclusion

this thank you meeting narrowed the distance between STP lubricants and customers, gave brand dealers an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with end customers, strengthened mutual trust, enhanced feelings, and brought more opportunities and platforms. STP lubricating oil will continue to provide customers with reliable products, adhere to the development purpose of making vehicles run more efficiently, making engine life more lasting and performance more excellent, and promote and develop together with dealers and customers. STP is professional because of its focus. It shows its style at the thank you meeting and looks forward to more regions organizing similar activities

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