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Stora Enso completed the sale of the real estate of Finland's summa factory

at 07:00 GMT, March 2, 2009, Stora Enso Group Stock Exchange announced that Stora Enso has sold the buildings and most of the land of Finland's summa factory to Google Group of companies, and announced this transaction with an amount of about 40million euros on February 12, 2009. The transaction could increase the group's operating profit by about € 38million (of which € 15million was the reversal of earlier impairment) and was recorded as a non recurring item in the results of the first quarter of 2009

Stora Enso and Google have agreed to further transfer part of the factory land to hamina City, Finland, for one or more public purposes that the city considers most appropriate, such as other economic development plans, industrial park expansion and parks, or similar entertainment areas

the paper production of Summa factory in Finland has ended in January 2008 and will not be resumed

Markus rauramo, chief financial officer of Stora Enso, said: this transaction, as well as the possible prospects for Google to turn this plant into a technology center, is an important milestone for hamina city in Finland and other regions in Southeast Finland. Stora Enso hopes that Google's interest in the region can also encourage other companies to consider the superior conditions and high-quality talents here

we are very happy to find this exciting solution for the real estate located in summary together with the famous information technology company if the input voltage of the main circuit exceeds the limit in recent years, or the inverter does not operate. We also hope that Stora Enso and Google can further promote the construction of a better future after transferring part of the land to hamina City, Finland. The group has always attached great importance to the personnel and factories affected by the company's measures to achieve product structure adjustment and simplification, and is committed to finding constructive solutions

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