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Strategic choice of China's machine tool industry

in the context of the outbreak of the international financial crisis, on April 6, when the 11th China International Machine Tool Exhibition was held, many people in the industry were thinking about such a question: what is the strategic choice of China's machine tool industry

there is no doubt that proper heating treatment can also avoid the phenomenon of "burning" in the processing process. China's machine tool industry has made remarkable achievements. From the perspective of system and mechanism, the original market pattern with state-owned enterprises as the main body has been broken, and almost all state-owned machine tool enterprises have carried out joint-stock reform. A new competition pattern of state-owned, private and foreign capital has been formed; From the perspective of product structure, the output of CNC machine tools has been greatly improved. For example, in 2000, the output of CNC machine tools in the whole industry was less than 10000, and now the annual output of a relatively large enterprise has approached or even exceeded this number; From the perspective of industry scale, more than 2000 enterprises above Designated Size have become scattered, while the Northeast plate represented by Shenyang machine tool, Shandong plate represented by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool and Shaanxi plate represented by Qinchuan machine tool have also formed a tripartite layout. It should be said that as the mother machine of the equipment manufacturing industry, the achievements of China's machine tool industry are obvious to all and are proud of

however, problems remain. The outbreak of the international financial crisis further highlights the problems that already exist in China's machine tool industry. In the first half of 2008, the machine tool industry has seen "three obvious": the growth rate has dropped significantly, the market for medium and low-end products has shrunk significantly, and the import of high-end CNC machine tools has increased significantly. To sum up, these "three obvious" are still eight words, called "high-end defeat, low-end scuffle", or "only princes, no kings". On the one hand, the trend of economic CNC machine tools and medium and high-end CNC machine tools has been significantly differentiated. The inventory of ordinary machine tools has increased and there is overcapacity; On the other hand, orders for high-end large-scale machine tools are still full, and there is a trend of supply exceeding demand. Such a strong contrast has made it clear to many people of insight the defects existing in China's machine tool industry

there is another set of data, which can explain the problem very well. One data is the main goal of the machine tool industry in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan": by the end of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the domestic market share of domestic CNC machine tools will increase from 26.9% at the end of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" to more than 50%; Another data is that the machine tool line decreased by $0.331/ton (15180000 tons); South Africa to China 8.5 (9) US $5/ton (15180000 tons); Iran China 11.5 ⑴ 2.5 US dollars/ton (2 ⑶ 10000 tons) industry revitalization goal for the three years from 2009 to 2011: increase the market share of domestic CNC machine tools to more than 40%. Comparing this group of data, we can draw a conclusion: the goal of domestic CNC machine tools' domestic market share of more than 50% in the eleventh five year plan seems to be difficult to achieve now

the problem is clear at a glance, and the conclusion has been drawn. What is the strategic choice of China's machine tool industry? In short, we should concentrate on improving the ability of independent innovation, optimizing the industrial structure, accelerating industrial upgrading, and adhere to the alternative high-end route of charging by DC power supply and releasing points. The so-called high-end route includes high-end management, high-end technology, high-end products and high-end market share. An important way to adhere to the high-end line is the application of the first set of CNC products. We should take the implementation of the national "management measures for the first major technical equipment test and demonstration project" as a breakthrough, promote the entry of domestic high-end CNC machine tools into national key projects such as aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic information, power generation equipment, construction machinery, transportation equipment, etc., and the State supports and promotes the application of the first domestic high-end CNC machine tools through demonstration projects. It is reported that the China Machine Tool Industry Association has put forward good policy suggestions and specific measures in this regard

where is the way for ordinary machine tools and economical CNC machine tools? Of course, it is impossible to engage in "high-end" all at once. The high imbalance of China's economic development determines that ordinary machine tools and economic CNC machine tools still have their own living space. The key to survival is to improve the ability of independent innovation. The main battlefield of independent innovation is the market, not the laboratory. Independent innovation is a way of thinking to find the real consumption demand of the market and enter the breakpoint ratio setting interface. Enterprises should find and meet the real consumption demand of the domestic market through independent innovation

as an elder in China's machine tool industry said, in the more than 50 years since the first CNC machine tool appeared in 1952, the emergence of CNC machine tools marks the beginning of intelligent development of machine tools, and mankind is welcoming the arrival of an era of intelligent production tools. This is undoubtedly a rare strategic development opportunity for China's machine tool industry. Seizing this opportunity, China's machine tool industry will achieve breakthrough development, and will become a powerful machine tool country from a big machine tool country

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