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From paint salesman to building materials supermarket boss story

from paint salesman to building materials supermarket boss story

November 09, 2012

[China paint information] 1800 yuan monthly salary, stationed on the construction site, sleeping in a plank house, and erecting a board as a "bathroom" when taking a bath - I'm afraid this is not a pleasant experience, but this is the real career situation of a "second generation of enterprises" born in 1990 after graduation

After graduating in June this year, a Dong, 22, did not go home to work in the building materials factory opened in Chancheng, but became a salesman in a small paint enterprise in Daliang, Shunde. He said he wanted to learn more and realize the ideal of "opening a building materials supermarket" in the future

his sturdy body is wearing a jujube shirt. He smiles slightly shyly. He has myopia but is unwilling to wear glasses. The reason is that "wearing glasses is too student like, and others will look down on him when he goes down to the construction site."

In July 2012, designers need to consider how to use flame-retardant materials to ensure the safety of users. The temperature seems to have risen several degrees for Adong, who works in the hot sun. Holding a stack of materials, Dong ran around the industrial zone in the glare of the sun, squinting his small eyes, in order to get an order - "it's really used to run", Dong stressed

as a salesman in a small paint factory in Daliang, a Dong visited the foreman on the construction site every day, and the afternoon was the golden time for his visit, because "the foremen were most free from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, and they had a full nap, and they were in the best mood at that time". Don't drive a car at home and can't ride a bike at the construction site. Relying on the "No. 11 bus", a Dong often "runs" within two hours in order to visit more foremen. Sleep in the temporary plank house on the construction site at night, with a fan and a straw mat, and there are many mosquitoes. When you want to take a bath, "find a board to stand up and block it" is regarded as "bathroom"

his employer didn't know that this strong, simple and honest young man was actually the "little owner" of a paint factory in Chancheng District - later, when the employer knew it, he asked him "is it a commercial spy?"

every time before going to the construction site to visit customers, a Dong will deliberately take off his glasses to make his face look more mature. "Going to the construction site is too student like and will be looked down upon by others". A Dong admitted that he suffered a lot from working for others, but he didn't care no matter how hard it was, he just wanted to "get experience"

with a monthly salary of 1800 yuan, a Dong repeated this life every day, ending his life in the summer of 2012. But half a year ago, he firmly believed that he would not engage in the building materials industry

"half the time in college is spent doing business"

after graduating from a college in Huadu, Guangzhou, a Dong admitted that he was not good at examinations and that middle school was not a traditional "good student" in the eyes of teachers at the beginning. Like NBA, love chasing Naruto, and influenced by the business atmosphere at home, Adong also likes business, "half the time in college is spent in business"

as a freshman, a Dong and others worked together to sell computer accessories in the school for three years. When the business was at its best, one person made a net profit of 6000 yuan a month and bought a computer at his own expense; Sophomore, he became the first person to sell washing machines in the school. The first deposit was more than 10000, which alerted the school and was ordered to stop by the school for "not doing business". In his junior year, with his understanding of digital products, a Dong entered an apple sales store in Nanhai, earning 1400 yuan a month. Four months later, his monthly income reached 4000 yuan

before graduation, a Dong carefully listed his ideal career directions: advertising, real estate, automobile. At that time, he felt that the building materials business was "dirty", "heavy" and "complex interpersonal relationships". He bluntly said that he "didn't want to be a real estate enterprise anymore" and wanted to find an industry that looked "more decent, easier and sunny" than the building materials industry

through half a year's work practice, a Dong gradually learned the essentials of operating an electronic product dealership: delivery channels, sales methods, marketing means, etc. In addition, through his daily observation, a Dong estimated the turnover, operating costs and profits of the store one by one, and found that it was too difficult to start a store or enterprise from scratch by himself

after thinking, this prospective graduate with the dream of a businessman resigned from the digital store before the Spring Festival in 2012

"open a comfortable building materials supermarket"

after going through a rough and tumble climb, a Dong understood that he still had to start from the most familiar industry in order to realize his entrepreneurial ideal as soon as possible. After discussing with his family, Evonik developed a brand-new special molding composite material: Plexiglas high gloss NTA (5). He decided to return to the building materials industry to start his career, and first started working for some small enterprises - because "small enterprises can learn more"

therefore, a Dong began his journey of "taking experience": he went to a coating enterprise in Foshan to learn the most basic coating knowledge, and resigned after three months; He went to a building materials enterprise in Daliang to sell "floor paint". Six months later, he resigned again. A Dong has resigned three times in half a year since his junior internship. In Adong's words, "take all your experience and never leave."

now, after returning home and helping the enterprise for more than a week, a Dong still needs to do some "rough work" every day. He is still used to taking off his glasses before going to see customers, so that he can look older

Adong said that he now has an ideal: to change the dirty image of the building materials industry and open a building materials supermarket that can provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience, "just as Gome and Suning have changed the domestic home appliance industry, they have changed the building materials industry"

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