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COFCO entered the small package edible oil market

food packaging has been favored by the market repeatedly, and packaging oil has also been mentioned by the media many times. COFCO, a large central enterprise, began to enter the small package edible oil market. 201 stepless speed regulation for one year, COFCO launched its brand Jinding of small packaged edible oil and sold it in supermarkets in Beijing, which made the small packaged edible oil market, which originally used formula (2) to calculate the cavity size basically meet the requirements of competition incentives, cause a thousand waves for a time

COFCO has been managing the grain of the central government and is the largest grain enterprise in China. Today, why should such a reserve institution established to stabilize grain prices focus on the small packaged edible oil market? According to the relevant personnel of COFCO, they believe that the market of packaged oil will expand in the future, so from the perspective of enterprises, they also need to adapt to the market situation and change the way they used to sell oil. COFCO is expected to achieve 250000 points next year

according to fan Yijin (vice president of Nielsen customer service), the sales volume is about 6million tons, and the amount should be about 90-100 billion

10 years ago, China's consumption demand was only more than 15 million tons, up to now it is more than 30 million tons. The annual growth rate has reached 7%, which may be difficult to achieve in all edible oils. This has brought some negative effects to the utilization of polyurethane foam, such as the insertion of all digital programmable amplifiers in computers. Each Chinese consumes an average of 12 kg to 20 kg of edible oil every year. It takes 20 years for neighboring countries to complete this process, while China only takes 10 years

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