The most popular three-year-old XCMG crawler crane

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Xiong'an new area is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler crane is three years old, XCMG crawler, The crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 400 tons immediately operated, and the lifting speed was uniform and stable. It turned and dropped the hook at a low speed and gently. It was done at one go. The extremely high production restriction policy previously tightened was also adjusted in time, and the 74 meter long and 200 ton steel beam was hoisted to the bridge base in an orderly manner

this moment was broadcast live on Tiktok and Kwai video platforms, causing "collective onlookers" from nearly 20000 hoisting customers across the country. This crane is XCMG's latest xgc400-i crawler crane, and it is also the largest tonnage crane product in xiong'an region

attack in an all-round way, and clusters help the construction of xiong'an

the planning outline of xiong'an New District in Hebei Province points out that xiong'an New District shoulders the important task of concentrating on relieving Beijing's non capital functions, adjusting and optimizing the urban layout and spatial structure of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and its strategic position is self-evident. Building a high-quality comprehensive transportation system is of great significance to building a "xiong'an quality" and a national model for high-quality development

after the completion of the construction project of the first phase of the easy line highway in xiong'an new area, the Rongdong and Rongxi corridors, the Beijing xiong'an Expressway and other key transportation projects, the construction of a fast and convenient regional comprehensive transportation network in xiong'an new area will be accelerated to ensure that the construction goal of the external backbone transportation road is completed on schedule

in fact, XCMG crawler crane has and can print the experimental data and the average value of the experiment. More than 10 products and more than 60 machines are under construction in xiong'an, helping the construction of xiong'an transportation hub system. Telescopic boom crawler crane and truss boom crawler crane are available, including large, medium and small tonnage. Municipal Engineering, track construction, bridge construction... They are "busy" everywhere. The construction of these major engineering projects continues to move forward, and XCMG crane products are also constantly improving the "skyline" of xiong'an city

online debut, which caused "collective onlookers" from industry customers.

now, XCMG crawler crane is "connected" with xiong'an. We recorded this amazing "encounter" between enterprises and cities in the form of live broadcast

from April 8 to 11, the series of theme activities of "global 'shoes' were officially released in xiong'an new area. In addition to xgc400-i, XCMG crawler crane series products such as xgc95, xgc40t and xgc85 appeared one by one in the live broadcast room of Tiktok and Kwai in xiong'an new area, perfectly showing the valiant demeanor of XCMG products in highway, railway, construction and other hoisting projects. According to statistics, the total number of participants in this activity exceeded 60000, the total number of short videos produced by the activity exceeded 3 million, more than 300 pieces of intention information were collected, and a breakthrough in online order sales was achieved on the spot

"leading technology and indestructible use" provides solutions for the world's top hoisting projects during 2015 (2) and 2020.

"leading technology, indestructible use and making handicrafts" is the product philosophy that XCMG crawler cranes have always adhered to. The company is committed to providing solutions for the world's top hoisting projects, always adhering to the "three high and one large" technological innovation strategy of high-end, high-tech, high added value and large tonnage, constantly exploring and breaking through the high-end technology of construction machinery, and leading the product technology to reach the world's advanced level

in addition to assisting in the construction of the urban transportation hub system in xiong'an new area, XCMG crawler cranes also shine brightly in many top hoisting engineering fields, such as wind power, petrochemical and nuclear power, and have won wide praise

petrochemical field: XCMG 4000 ton crawler crane xgc88000, the "world's first crane", went to sea for the first time. After completing the first crane in Saudi Arabia, it moved to the dukum refinery of Oman national oil company to continue its overseas hoisting legend

nuclear power field: XCMG 2000 ton crawler crane xgc28000 has participated in the construction of Fujian and Guangxi "hualong-1" nuclear power demonstration projects for many times, helping China's third-generation nuclear power brand "Tenglong rise"

in the field of wind power: XCMG XG will certainly change the product structure of major automobile enterprises. C2100w, xgc11000, xgc12000 and other wind power crawler cranes will be "integrated" into the market and become the best solution for wind power hoisting covering all models and heights

the construction of xiong'an new area is a grand plan for the millennium and a major national event. Now at the age of three, XCMG crawler crane has the honor to participate in it, helping the construction of xiong'an transportation hub system and paving every cornerstone of the road to becoming a powerful country with the "important tool of the country"

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