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After three years of research and development of several popular products, smart technology, a visual autonomous robot company, completed a round B financing of 100million yuan

remember the suitcase that is popular with ces and can walk by itself

yes, it's this company. They announced financing again

according to the investment, the 20copv project has touched several NASA centers: the green research center, the Langley Research Center and the Marshall Space Flight Center. On March 21, 19, the visual autonomous robot company forwardx announced that it had received a round B financing of 100million yuan. This financing was led by lakeside mileage, followed by bocom international and Jiuxian capital, and the round a investors CDH investment and Zhongding capital continued to follow. Prior to this, smart technology completed three rounds of financing, including seed round, angel round and a round, within one year in 2017

Qiou, the founder and CEO of smart technology, said to CIC that this financing will be used for logistics warehousing and mass production and shipment of consumer robots

Qiou, founder and CEO of smart technology

in the next five years, we hope that our machine is a necessary experimental detection equipment for engineering units such as buildings, building materials, roads and bridges, and people can penetrate into people's lives, serve people like robots in science fiction movies, and all repetitive and dangerous jobs will be undertaken by robots. In the blueprint of Qiou, smart technology is to give life to machines and civilization to society

smart technology, a new species in the robot industry, was founded in 2016. It is an autonomous robot technology platform based on computer vision. Unlike other robot companies in the market, smart technology has been considered a new species in the robot industry since its birth. The company focuses on making robots have a deep learning brain, giving robots the ability to perceive the environment and move autonomously, and enabling AI brain to constantly empower traditional manufacturing industry

in the early stage of entrepreneurship, Qiou determined the company positioning of AI wheeled robot, committed to building the robot brain in the AI era, and based on the technical logic with visual perception and decision-making control as the closed loop, through the computer vision technology of deep learning, let the robot have visual perception and cognitive ability, so as to realize the parallel computing ability of multi God meridians to complete perception, decision-making and control end-to-end in 0.1 seconds

Qiou was the leader of the champion team of the national robot competition in 2003. After graduation, he precipitated six years of product development in Microsoft Research Institute and sap; Oracle has supplemented its sales and management for seven years. Before starting his business, he was the vice president of Oracle service cloud product line in China and the youngest global sales director of Oracle

why start a business and become a new species of robot? Chiou said that in 2015, computer vision entered the usable stage in the industrial field, which means that it has the possibility to build wheeled robots; On the other hand, but also the most fundamental reason is that smart technology believes that the future is a society where people and robots work hand in hand. Under this condition, AI robots must have three characteristics: computer vision, autonomous mobility, and completing social work. Since robots are the same as humans, we believe that robots should also have the ability to do the same undifferentiated services as humans in any scenario, otherwise the two will be separated in two worlds forever

less than three years after its establishment, smart technology has developed a number of products with global original technologies, including: the world's first visual warehousing collaborative robot, e-commerce small parts 3C warehouse bx100, e-commerce medium and large parts warehouse bx350, unmanned forklift, etc., as well as the world's first intelligent side follow-up chassis ovis, intelligent automatic lawn mower, etc., which were the popular products of CES in 2018

intelligent side follow-up chassis ovis is a very representative product of smart technology

this is a sightseeing suitcase. You don't need to pull it. It will follow you automatically. As soon as ovis made its debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas in January 2018, it immediately attracted the attention of the world and was warmly pursued by more than 200 media such as BBC and CNN. Because of the English name used by the company, the domestic media did not know that this cool smart product came from a Chinese start-up company when reprinting the report

in order to bring ovis to the market as soon as possible, smart technology began pre-sale on the US crowdfunding platform in early June 2018

only 2 months of product pre-sale, with a revenue of nearly 10 million yuan. From history to the end of 2018, there were only 20 intelligent hardware projects raised by China in the United States with more than $1million, and we were one of them. Smart technology coo Guan Yaxin introduced to CIC

at the beginning of 2019, ovis obtained the authorization of American invention patents and won 16 awards in ces2019

referring to why we should enter the C-end market from the landing box, Qiou said that the potential market of luggage is relatively large, and we hope it can be the starting point of home robots. It was learned from the investment that ovis will officially realize mass production in June 2019

revolutionary products of smart technology, as well as intelligent warehousing collaborative robots in warehousing and logistics scenarios. This is the world's first visual navigation logistics unmanned vehicle, which is different from the single line laser radar slam technology used by most traditional storage robots at present. The storage robot of smart technology uses visual positioning and navigation (vSLAM) and environmental understanding (CV) technology. With the camera as the main sensor, it can complete three-dimensional space positioning and environmental understanding, with a endurance of more than 40 kilometers

through visual navigation AMR technology, intelligent warehousing cooperative robot can make a picker achieve more than twice the work efficiency. This robot appeared in the June 18 promotion of in 2018. In addition, its customers also include DHL, the world's largest third-party logistics company. At present, intelligent warehousing collaborative robots will also enter the mass production stage. At that time, smart technology will also become the only visual autonomous robot company in the world to achieve mass production

according to Qiou, the product innovation of logistics unmanned vehicle of smart technology not only includes the camera with a cost of 400 yuan and the laser radar sensor with a cost of nearly 40000 yuan replaced by visual recognition. What is more critical is deep learning. The algorithm of smart technology is deep learning. Even if the robot walks in the warehouse like a child, it can slowly walk in the community that continuously improves the professional knowledge of teachers, and walk in more places. This feature is also reflected in the upcoming development of unmanned lawn mowers for the European and American markets

China soil + Silicon Valley mode

smart technology has been a global company since its inception. According to Qiou, smart technology is registered in China and the United States, and the team has gathered a large number of research talents from well-known universities at home and abroad, as well as many top computer vision scientists who have won international awards and are deeply respected by the industry. Among the 150 person team of smart technology, 113 people are engaged in research and development, 50% of them have a master's degree or above, and more than 20% have worked or studied abroad

in addition to Qiou, Guan Yaxin, the chief operating officer, has more than 10 years of management consulting and investment experience, and once served as a consultant in McKinsey's Shanghai and Chicago offices; Chen Xiaoyi, the chief engineer, once served as the technical director of vincross company, and was also a former senior software engineer of Motorola and Bell Laboratories, with 15 years of solid software and hardware R & D experience; Zhang Guangpeng, the core scientist of computer vision, is the former 3M cogent algorithm expert and team leader, and once served as CTO of China Science and technology Aosen

in the view of Qiou, smart technology is a typical Silicon Valley company. On the one hand, the smart technology team has strong R & D capabilities. Secondly, it can transform scientific and technological achievements into products and meet the innovation and creation of products, so as to obtain reasonable business returns in time and open up the business closed loop; Finally, continue to maintain strong originality. Globalization has patent requirements for originality. So far, smart technology has applied for 87 patents in China and the United States, 23 of which are PCT patents, and has been authorized by two U.S. invention patents

at present, the revenue of smart technology's visual navigation logistics vehicle products and luggage products from overseas account for 40% and 90% of their revenue respectively. For technology-based companies, there is no company that does not want global revenue. Ziou said that the development strategy of smart technology has always been a global layout

according to Qiou, in the first half of 2019, the two robots of smart technology will achieve mass production and begin to be sold to the global market. We hope to build a society in which people and robots work together in five to ten years. From storage robots in closed space, to security robots in semi open space, to robots walking in open space in the future, we hope to form a commercial closed loop through the landing of products one by one, and then continue to promote technological upgrading, so that smart robots can enter thousands of households and serve everyone

Xu Liang, a partner of lakeside mileage, said that we attach great importance to the landing ability of AI in the segmentation scene, and intelligent logistics machines can replace human beings to complete the work with strong repeatability and high labor demand, which is a landing scene with clear commercial value; Smart technology's team has deep technical reserves and market capabilities in this regard, and the parallel of its industrial products and consumer products can more effectively improve the efficiency of its technology. In the future, smart will continue to improve its robot brain and expand more application scenarios

wangmingyu, senior partner of CDH innovation and growth fund, an old shareholder, believes that people are the first to invest in smart technology. CDH appreciates the comprehensive ability accumulated by Qiou in products, technology, commerce and other aspects. The founders can not only gather the best and most suitable talents together, but also have the ability to judge and produce some forward-looking technologies. In addition, in the context of no longer demographic dividend, smart storage robots can solve the logistics pain points, including reducing costs and improving efficiency, which is an important factor for CDH to choose to invest. How to implement the algorithm into higher threshold scenarios and products is their concern. Smart technology is in line with CDH's expectation of algorithm + scene + hardware, which can also build high barriers to competition. Moreover, the ability of smart technology to implement products will also give it a great first mover advantage in the whole industry

Tang Tao, a partner of Zhongding, an old shareholder, said that Zhongding continued to be optimistic about the visual platform R & D system and rapid product output ability of Lingdong technology. In 2018, Lingdong technology carried out short-term and rapid product implementation and team upgrading, and the team output efficiency is very high. In 2019, Lingdong technology will continue to make efforts in the mass scene implementation to obtain material information with restrictive requirements in products and the accumulation of more visual platform technology. Zhong Ding will also continue to empower Lingdong technology with the accumulated logistics supply chain industry resources


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