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Heilongjiang Province issued the "three-year plan" for the graphene industry

Heilongjiang Province issued the "three-year plan" for the graphene industry

June 23, 2016

[more than 3/4 is hot air plastic granulator China coating information] Heilongjiang Province issued the three-year special action plan for the graphene industry (2016-2018), proposing to cultivate and support 10 graphene high-tech enterprises with a certain scale in the next two years, Set up Heilongjiang graphene Collaborative Innovation Center, establish the risk compensation mechanism for the first batch application demonstration of graphene products, and strive to break through the cutting-edge technology of the new graphite material industry

as the province with the largest graphite reserves in China and even the world, Heilongjiang Province is committed to building the graphite industry into a new pillar industry and building an important graphite production and processing base in the country and even the world. The plan proposes to cultivate 10 innovation teams, cultivate and support 10 graphene high-tech enterprises with a certain scale, and drive the development of the 10 billion industrial chain by 2018. Form an innovation and entrepreneurship team composed of "scientists + entrepreneurs"

the common problem faced by the vast majority of graphite deep processing enterprises in Heilongjiang Province is the lack of technical personnel and R & D capacity. The plan proposes to build a public technical service platform for the cooperation between graphene producers and industrial research institutes, build an industrial model of "team + Project + company", build an investment and financing platform, and help enterprises complete Angel funds and a-round financing; Support enterprises with industrialization conditions and complete the development of special equipment prototype and production line with independent intellectual property rights as soon as possible

key industrialization projects include: graphene green preparation project, graphene heat dissipation project, graphene microwave absorption project, etc. Taking the graphene heat dissipation project as an example, relying on the scientific research advantages of Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin Hertz New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the pilot test of graphene composite heat sinks, and the products have been tested in Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Lenovo, Toyota and other units

the plan proposes to focus on encouraging and supporting leading talents and teams in the graphene field of universities and scientific research institutions in Heilongjiang Province to lead or establish scientific and technological enterprises, encouraging advantageous enterprises and listed companies in the new material industry to establish graphene enterprises through industry university research cooperation, and encouraging scientific and technological personnel holding scientific and technological achievements in universities and scientific research institutions to participate in the transformation of achievements and technology shares

facing the needs of the innovation and development of graphene industry in Heilongjiang Province during the 13th five year plan, 10 key laboratories and engineering centers have been established, Heilongjiang graphene Collaborative Innovation Center has been established in due time, and a national graphite new material engineering technology research and development center has been actively declared. Research and establish a risk compensation mechanism for the first batch application demonstration of graphene products

according to the plan, Heilongjiang Province will rely on the high-quality graphite resources in Hegang, Jixi and other places to form a high-tech industrialization cluster of new graphite materials and create an "international graphite Valley". In the next few years, the batteries made of Longjiang graphene will be used normally at a low temperature of -55 ℃. The spring change experimental machine is a high-precision instrument that separates light, machine and electricity. It will become a reality that electric vehicles can travel more than 200 kilometers after only charging for 6 minutes

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