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Tiandong 30000 ton pulp supporting alkali recovery project started

Tiandong 30000 ton pulp supporting alkali recovery environmental protection project with a total investment of 48.86 million yuan was launched recently, marking another big step forward in the industrialization of the combination of forestry and paper in Tiandong county

Tiandong 30000 tons of pulp supporting alkali recovery environmental protection workers, we are very welcome and actively interact with the future industry elites. The construction period of the exchange project is 15 months. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to provide advanced equipment and production lines for intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing and network manufacturing in normal years. The pulp output is 30000 tons, the alkali recovery is 10000 tons, the recovery rate is 92%, and the self-sufficiency rate is 100%. The new economic income is 150million yuan, profit and tax is 43million yuan, and environmental protection benefit is 33million yuan. At the same time, it can provide 80 detection user jobs that focus on solidity. As the project takes fast-growing eucalyptus, bamboo and bagasse as the main production raw materials, the completion of the project will greatly drive the development of the local forest paper industry. It has better economic, social and environmental benefits after the weakness of the imported ore market on the 4th

source: Guangxi Radio

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