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Tiancheng automatic control: "machine replacement" activation force

this new production line only needs two people to complete the whole foaming process. As long as it is set on the computer, the robot can complete the feeding accurately, and the scrap rate will be reduced by more than 50% due to the reason of material injection. On July 4, Liu Jihong, vice president of Zhejiang Tiancheng Automatic Control Co., Ltd., said

foam foaming is the first process of Tiancheng automatic control. There is a sharp contrast between the advantages and disadvantages of the new and old production lines built adjacent to the company. It turned out that the old sponge foaming production line used manual injection, which required six people to start, and mistakes caused by job fatigue were inevitable

Tiancheng automatic control is the leading enterprise of domestic construction machinery seats. It is now the drafting unit of international standards for construction machinery seats, and has been included in the global procurement system of the world's top 500 enterprises and construction machinery leader caterpillar. In the month of this year, the main business income of the enterprise was 139 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 105 The machine stops automatically by 9%

to be honest, our machine dividends are actually driven by labor shortage. Speaking of machine replacement, chenzhiwei, manager of Human Resources Department of Tiancheng automatic control, couldn't help sighing

in 2010, the company was in urgent need of a batch of welders, and the recruitment advertisement was even posted in Hubei, so it was still difficult to recruit enough workers. Using welding robots to replace manual work has become the top priority of the company

now, entering Tiancheng automatic control, a welding workshop covering more than 9000 square meters, more than 20 welding robot workstations with a total investment of 10.88 million yuan are working in an orderly manner, shelving, overturning, welding and forming. First, because they can quickly and efficiently produce fine and complex three-dimensional structure gas, welding workers only need to add welding to some corners, which reduces the requirements for workers, The welding qualification rate has been greatly improved, and the efficiency has also increased by more than 30%

like welders, the electric LCD swimming production line also encountered the problem of recruitment. Because the original electrophoresis production line required workers to spray powder on the cushion frame with a powder gun, the dust generated was not small to the health of workers, and it took more than 10 hours to complete the task of a day, so workers were unwilling to take this post

subsequently, the company invested 4million yuan in the automation transformation of the electrophoresis production line. As long as the workers hang up the devices, all processes such as washing, Desanding, drenching, electrophoresis coating, baking, etc. are automatically completed by robots in a closed space, and the production volume of the day can be completed within 45 hours a day

in the morning of June 24, Tiancheng automatic control project with an annual output of 800000 seats for construction machinery, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery officially started. In this project, which covers an area of 117.68 Mu and has a total planned investment of 214 million yuan, advanced high-tech equipment such as precision presses, numerical control plate shears, numerical control pipe benders, ion cutting machines, machine welding workstations and so on have been included in the plan early

Tiancheng automatic control, which has tasted the sweetness, is accelerating the pace of machine replacement

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